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Case 1 - Amanda

Amanda, 28 years old lady, working in an office in the city, who complained of excessive sweating around her armpits since puberty. She sweats all through the day, both in summer and winter, and without particular triggering factor. She wears wool cotton pads, otherwise the sweat may drips along her body and she takes a shower morning and evening, and sometimes change her top at work because of sweat marks. She has became very conscious about it and describe it now as an obsessive ideas.. She does not complain of excessive sweating from her hands, which are slightly damp, and she is not aware of other members of her family affected with the same conditions.

She benefited in 2005 and 2006 of injection of botulinum toxin A into her armpits with period of dryness for 11 months each time.

Case 2 - Helen

Helen, 24 years old woman, student in design, who complained of excessive sweating from the armpits since the age of 18 and more recently also from above the upper lip.

She sweats winter and summer, worst under stress or just “ thinking about it”, but can also sweats excessively at home relax , just watching TV. Because of the sweat marks, she only wears black. She has try aluminium cream but she had to stop because of skin irritation.

In her family, she has noticed that her father has sweats marks on his shirts but she has never discuss it with him., because of feeling ashamed by this excessive sweating.

She benefited from botlulinum injection in 2006 into her armpits with a period of dryness of 6 months.

Case 3 - Hannah

Hannah,. a 32 year old journalist who complained of excessive sweating at the level of her hands since childhood . She remembers that at the age of 8, she was embarrassed to hold the hands of her school friends for playing games and She left wet mark on the paper when writing. It ‘s triggered by “ just thinking about it”, by emotion or in an hot temperature.

Sweating from her armpits is moderate and not an issue for her. By contrast, her sweaty hands with, in particulate the tips of her fingers dripping are source of great embarrassment, in particular when shaking hands .

Her sister has sometimes damp hands.

She has benefit from botulinum toxin injection type A into her hands with using ice as local anesthesia with a good results for 6 months, She plans to come back for another session of injection before her wedding this summer.

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