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  Dr. Marie-Helene Marion MD, AIHP, ACCA-Paris  

Dr. Marie-Helen Marion is a consultant neurologist at St George’s Hospital, fully registered with the GMC. Since 1986 , she has been the pioneer in France in the use of Botulinum toxin injections in all the conditions for which Botulinum toxin has been licensed now.

Dr Marie-Helene Marion is a medical graduate from the University of Paris. She is a neurologist with extensive experience in using Botulinum toxin and has performed the injections for all the medical conditions described above, with the exception of giving injections into the vocal cords, (which are performed by an ENT surgeon specialised in voice disorders).

Dr Marion has been involved in setting up many of the specialised Botulinum toxin centres throughout France, and is recognised as a European expert in this technique, organising Botulinum toxin workshops and conferences at an international level. Over the years she has written numerous articles for use in publications and/or lectures covering the main uses of Botox in medicine. Dr Marion has worked in the UK since 1999 and as well as running an NHS Botulinum toxin clinic at St George’s Hospital in London for the treatment of movement disorders and familial pathological hyperhydrosis, is responsible for the training of junior doctors in this technique.

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