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Medical publications

  1. Klap P, Marion MH, Perrin A, Fresnel-Elbaz E.
    Traitement de la dysphonie spasmodique par la toxine botulique. Ann Oto-Laryng (Paris), 1991;108:447-483.

  2. Marion MH, Klap P, Perrin A, Elbaz E.
    Les dysphonies spasmodiques : méthodes d’investigation et de traitement. Rev Neurol (Paris), 1992;3:180-183.

  3. Marion MH, Klap P, Perrin A, Cohen M.
    Stridor and focal laryngeal dystonia. Lancet, 1992;339:457-458.

  4. Klap P, Marion MH, Perrin A, Fresnel-Elbaz E, Cohen M.
    Indication de la toxine botulique en laryngologie. Rev Laryngol, 1993;114:281-287.

  5. Krack P, Marion MH.
    “Apraxia of lid opening”, a focal dystonia : clinical study of 32 patients. Movement Disorders, 1994;vol9;6:610-615

  6. Lespargot A, Marion MH, Klap P.
    La toxine botulique a-t-elle une place dans le traitement de l’IMC ? Motricité Cérébrale, 1994;15:45-55

  7. Ascher B, Klap P, Marion MH.
    La toxine botulique dans le traitement des rides fronto-glabellaires et de la région orbitaire : étude préliminaire. J. Méd. Esth. et Chir. Derm. 1994;volXXI;83:161-168

  8. Marion MH, Sheehy MP, Sangla S, Soulayrol S.
    Dose standardisation of botulinum toxin. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 1995;vol58;7:102.103

  9. Marion MH, Krack P.
    Apraxia of lid opening. (letters to the editor). Movement Disorders 1995;vol10;5:687

  10. Krack P, Benecke R, Ceballos-Baumann AO, Deuschl G, Marion MH, Oertel WH, Poewe W.
    Dose standardisation of Botulinum toxin. Movements Disorders 1998;13:749-751

  11. Marion MH.
    Traitement des dystonies. Presse Med.1999;28:312-15

  12. Marion MH, Afors K, Sheehy MP.
    Problems of treating writer’s cramp with botulinum toxin injections: results from 10 years of experience. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2003;159: 923-7

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  1. Marion MH. Hemifacial spasm : treatment with Botulinum Toxin (long term results). Hemifacial spasm : a multidisciplinary approach. Editeur : M. Sindou, Y. Kéravel et A. Moller. SpringerWienNew, York, UK. (1997) - 141-144

  2. Marion MH. Immunisation a la toxine botulique. Approche clinique. Tome II Dystonie, neurone et plasticite. Y Christen, A Nieullon, O. Rascol. Eds Solal editeur,Marseille, 1999;95-100.

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Communications and abstracts

  1. Marion MH. Incidence of dystonia at other sites in patients with spasmodic torticollis. International Society of Movement Disorders, Rome, 1988

  2. Marion MH. Spontaneous remission in spasmodic torticollis. European Neurological Society, Nice, 1988.

  3. Marion MH Hemimasticatory spasms and spasms of the jaw, European Neurological Society. Milann, 1999.

  4. Marion MH Duchenne de Boulogne and the muscles of facial expression: a 19th century experiment with implications for the 21st.Association British Neurologist. Exeter, UK.2000

  5. G Lee. MH Marion Familial hyperhydrosis. A new channelopathy? European Neurological Society. Barcelona, Spain 2004.

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