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  1. Meeting 2006 (Lectures)

  2. Meeting 2005 (Lectures)

  3. Meeting 2004 (Clinical & non-clinical activities)

Meeting 2006


  1. Management of Parkinson disease: comparison comparison between France and England.9 th March 2006
  2. Sleep disorders in PD. CEPFF- Neuropsychiatry Forum- 28 april 2006- Cannizaro House
  3. Movement Disorders of the Mouth , Bristol Neurosciences group, 3rd May 2006
  4. ENS meeting- Lausanne- 27th-31 May 2006
  5. “Meeting the Experts” session on movement disorders with professor Valls-Solle
  6. Workshop on clinical skills in movement disorders; chairman and speaker on “How to examine a tremor”
  7. Antecollis: poster presentation. Jo Flowers
  8. Workshop on Botulinum toxin with EMG guided injection- Neurophysiology training course , Barcelona, Professor Valls-Solle, 6 , 7th May 2006
  9. Task specific dystonia, , Liege, Belgium- Professor Moonen department-15 june
  10. Dorich’s Parkinson study group:chairwoman, and video-presentations
    1. July 2006, Levodopa, the good, the bad and the ugly, Dr Romo Saha
    2. December 2006, 7 th, , PET and Dat scan in parkinsonian syndromes- Dr Paola Puccini
  11. Movement disorders of the tongue : Marseille, CMA Provencal-professor Azoulay- 28 september
  12. Botulinum toxin and the expression of Human emotions- Thessaloniki , South –East European Society for Neurology and Psychiatry , 13th of October


The second international symposium on paediatric movement disorders, Barcelona, 10-12 february 2006

  1. Juvenile Parkinsonism – Penny Fallon –MH Marion
  2. Post traumatic fixed dystonia in a teen ager- A. Clarke – H. Rattue-MH Marion

Teachings: undergraduate and postgraduate

  1. BSc clinical neuroscience –Movement disorders study day- March 2006-.Pharmacology of Parkinson’s disease- Written examination paper , marking the students papers -Good feed back from students( report Professor Horton)
  2. Gep students and expert forum, 7 june 2005 teaching on clinical aspects of parkinson’s disease
  3. Flexible learning opportunities for 3 rd year GEP students – 2 clinical sessions per week
  4. Postgraduate teaching GP St Georges hospital, Botulinum toxin services at St George’s, September 2006

Consensus meeting

for Botox services at St Georges with audit
with Dr Paula Mason, Senior neuropharmacist on Botox activity in neurology- Share care guidelines for Botox treatment.

Support patient group

Dystonia society, Tooting branch
Dystonia society

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