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Expression Lines & Wrinkles

They are due to the repetitive contractions of the facial muscles when expressing emotion.

Wrinkles are due to an aging process of the skin related to extrinsic (sun damage, pollution, smoking) and intrinsic factors (genetically predetermined, chronological aging, hormone depletion)


Botulinum toxin injections can erase the lines of the forehead, frown lines and crow feet around the eyes. These lines are mainly due to the repetitive contraction of the facial muscles when expressing emotion. After Botulinum toxin injections, the injected muscles become weak, and the patient may be limited in their ability to raise the eyebrows or to frown. If a smaller dose is used, a more natural look can be obtained, but the injections have to be repeated at shorter intervals (4 months instead of 6).
The patient can be injected at the first visit.

The protocol of injection (doses, number of injections) will be decided based on the expectations of the patient and the clinical examination Dr. Marion would be looking particularly at the way the patient expresses him/herself; for example, frowning, raising the eyebrows or smiling may accentuate the facial lines.

The injections are performed with the patient lying down.

Using the smallest possible needle reduces any pain at the injection sites, and any slight markings usually disappear within a few hours. The effect starts 3 to 5 days following the injections taking a week after the procedure to be complete. This usually last atleast 6 months depending on the dose.

The patient will be invited to come back 3 to 4 weeks after the initial injections for a free follow-up consultation with Dr. Marion in order to check the result. A complimentary injection can be performed that day if necessary.


Expression Lines

Frontal lines when rising eyebrow

Expression Lines

Glabella lines when frowning

Expression Lines

Aging wrinkles of forehead and glabella
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